Adventure Log

Session 1:

Introduction to the characters.

A Dwarf Cleric of War and Protection, reserved and dignified, until the onset of battle – Braedin
An Orc Barbarian, ward of the cleric, orc of few words until alcohol enters his system – Thresh
A human Duskblade, taciturn and quiet, somewhat self-conscious of his appearance – Rorik
A gnome Beguiler, voluble and cunning, entirely interested in himself and few others – Lokarus

Introduced to the realm:

You are denizens of the world Hrate.

The popularly known world is limited to a series of island-continents. The largest of which is about the size of Australia.

Most of the islands are temperate to tropical. The central island is known as a desert wasteland.

There are multiple facets to these lands, which, as time goes on, you’ll find out more about.

North – Rusan: Conglomerate of human kingdoms and the halfling “Empire”. Rusan is considered the ‘center’ of the world. The continent has massive resources and is about the size of Australia. To the north of Rusan is unknown as there is a constant storm that is massive and imposing to all explorers. No one who has braved the waters into the storm has returned to tell tale of what lies to the north. The major port city of Moslan is where you find yourselves. (Think a combination of Hong Kong and Paris shifted to medieval times) It is known as the “Gate of Rusan” simply because it is a large port city that is backed by cliffs that have a small valley that leads into the open plains and farmlands of the halfling Empire.

South – The Forested realm of Nilan. A realm of the Fey and Elvenkind. Notorious for its closed borders, there is but one city that lies on the northern coast that allows free travel on this continent. The city of Woad.

East – Part of the seafaring human kingdoms, the White Isles are home to multiple port cities. The White Isles are the predominant force for mercantilism in the known world. They are particularly note-worthy for having a trade pact with the central nation populated by desert Orcs and Lizardmen, who form the kingdom of Silam. The gods blessed this land with a surprising amount of raw minerals, though not gold.

Southeast – The home of the gnomes and dwarves, Gurmang is nearly as desolate seeming as Silam. Mountainous, and far south enough that the temperate climate gives way to frigid winds in the most southern reaches. The dwarves occupy the upper mountains while gnomes supposedly hail from underground and have a network of tunnels so vast and expansive that they are able to travel to other lands even beneath the ocean.

You find yourselves on the massive docks of Moslan’s East port staring up as the city stretches high above you to the stone walls of the Gates of Rusan.

The weight of people and noise settles on you as you take your first steps to Destiny.


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