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Skill sets will be as in Pathfinder(Search, Spot and Listen rolled into Perception, etc.).
Fighters gain Feat progression at every level. They also gain Perception as a class skill.
All characters gain feat progression at every odd level, rather than every three levels.
Druid class is to be taken from the PHB 2.
Natural Spell is removed from play.
Warlock, Dragonfire Adept and Artificer are not available class choices(to cover all bases any class that has the ability to deal damage at will, aside from close combat/ranged combat with a weapon will be banned)
New Feat – Power Shot: Remove 1 point from Attack Bonus to apply to Damage Bonus with a Ranged Attack.

Character Creation:
32 Point Buy
Hit points are max at 1st level and roll for each level following. If below average roll, take average.
Start at Level 1.
Alignment is any non-evil.
PHB Races only. Variants of PHB races allowed on a case-by-case basis. Message me or text me for consideration.
Normal starting wealth.

All 4 archetypal roles should be filled. Divine Caster, Arcane Caster, Skill-Monkey, Front Line

Each player will create 2 characters. Both characters’ backstory roles should be related to one another. (Raistlin and his brother Caramon, for example, but please don’t make Raistlin and Caramon)

Main Page

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